Sunday, March 28

KLKPD Daerah Perdana @ PTPL

Imba camp. Lazy to elaborate about it.
It wasn't THAT bad imo, because, since I'm already there, I enjoy my time rather than complaining about it. No regrets woohoo! (law of ueki theme song haha!) *random

It started about 9 ? not sure. Reached home at 7.10pm haha! Even longer than school hours :D

In the bus, on the way~~~~~

Testing the smile detector thing.

In th field, dividing groupssss *expected :/*

imba game that we played, its either you BE HONEST OR EARN POINTS(LIE).

HT having lunch~ lol.

1st meal (fried rice+fried meehoon+karipap+teh)

2nd meal, lunch (nasi ayam)

and bloody syrup :/ I dislike syrups :/

3rd was teatime, which is after the outdoor activity (read on)
Ate it on the way back, was (donuts+karipap again)

HAHA! Fiona's idea of snapping this, they wasn't using the genuine version of Microsoft :X

Testing smile detection lolz.

LOL IMBA HAHAHA *likes this*

Checking out photos @___@

And all of us kept ourselves busy in front of the cam while waiting for the Malays to pray..

LOLOLOL the boys headache :X

Qian da cks spoiled the photo ==!!!

AGAIN !!!!! ARGHHHH !!!!!

lol me & fiona.


After photo session, facilitators assigned us with some outdoor teambuilding activities.
There are 5 check points ..
1st - Marching HAHAHAHAHA I simply march =="
2nd - Crawling on the field ... (boys did it)
3rd - Build a tall and stable building with straws (not bad)
4th - Make brick paths .. simple ...
5th - Passing through/across the nylon nets .. (wasn't the lightest nor the strongest so .. gave moral support?) LOL


Wah they so evil, sprinkle flour on him D;

This is how "Eiffel tower" looks like in straws LOL ==

Team mates~ we finish 3rd~~ :D

Heading home~~~~

Mic & Aku.

I was on the phone .. then mic was making a call .. and cks was acting lol

..... lol?

To end the tiring post,
A photo of ..

Me and Hui Teng~~ :D

Dad came to fetch, ate durian opposite school LOL =="

Oh ya, did I mention that I met Hanif there? haha! It's been 2 yrs weh. Not much changes thou :D Suddenly miss form 3 life lolz =="

That's all, @_@
Don't really know how to blog these days @_@
Lazyyy @_@
Okay, bye

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