Thursday, April 1

I started a joke..

Listening to: This Is The Time of My Life - David Cook.

I had a random thought in the car while I'm on my way back from tuition. How does it actually feel like being born on 1st of April, haha. Aprilfool girl, people had been calling me that since-I-don't-know-when. No pranks on me yeah!! I'm the birthday girl today HAHA :D

There's another thing about my birthday, it's always near to our Chinese Ching Ming Festival.. I remembered during primary school, whenever I hold a birthday party, friends can't come because they have to go back.. Quite disappointed that time. As time passes, I got used to it :)

This year, there ain't gonna be a party I guess, although it's the final year in secondary school. I don't know why I refused to have one. *wonders*

Well, 17 .. doesn't really fit me in a way..

Last week in a clinic ..

"How old are you?"
"16.." *thinks* "eh wait, 17 ...."

That actually happened. Didn't want to face the fact that I'm already 17 eh? I still remember when I was 13, I wanted to grow up so quickly, so that I can drive, go wherever I want, etc.. naive lil girl. Now, I don't even feel like growing up .. decisions is something that people is gonna make in every stages of life, and 17 is like .. THAT stage of life where some important decisions need to be made.

Time to grow up :)

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