Sunday, April 4

Sports Day 2010 @ Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Reached school early in the morning, got presents from Shu Qiong and Hui Teng !! :DDD
Omg love you guys :) Thanks for the presents .. !! :DD

A sneak peek of Hui Teng's present!

She took it back because something melted due to the hot weather, she needs to fix it back :( Love it A LOT !! :)

So, this is the second time we had our sports days off-site which is at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.. The first time was during Form 1 .. it was at MPSJ Stadium! What a coincidence, the first and last year in secondary school. Woot!

In the bus~

BJ National Stadium!!!

Love love loveeeee the reflection!!

Not to forget the skyyyyy toooo *hearts*

1 Malaysia! ;x

Random plant 1

Reach for the skyyy~ lol.

Different feeling of the same pot of plant - by Hui Teng :)

The sky was awwwweeesooommeeee xD

Both of us!! :)

(sacrificed a lot to snap this pic)
((sweated a lot because we ran around))
(((only took this one and only photo because we're gonna be late)))
((((quickly ran because we saw friends from the last bus arrived))))


We're VVIP eh? Muahhahah!

Spamming photos of the stadium lol.
The last time I step foot in this stadium was like .. 12 years ago?!
That time was Commonwealth year 1998. Cool. Ole~ ole ole ole~~ ole~ Msia boleh lol.
Time flies D;


Told ya the sky was great! Weather was cool too .. well before 12pm of course lol.

One of the Cougar athletes - LYS

Chai Yin ; Me and Hui Teng at the stadium~~

CKS's Basketball I think :o


.... for the challenge? LOL.

First you need is a nice and cool pair of SPIKES!

It doesn't matter whether it's in GOLD ...

OR RED ...

Just wear it and fly! LOL. wtf lame xD

They are meant for each other awww lolz.

The QMs' uniform, what's a sports event without them? ;o

The prized medals .. every sportsmen/women/guy/girl dream to strive their best on the tracks. *salute*

After you got your spikes ..
After knowing what's your aim ..
After everything ..



Goooo Wai Chun! LOL. (althou you're the Cougar house and somehow this is a nice picture so I posted it :) )

Yeah Daniel, your Winning jump! *peace* LOL.


That's a very true phrase ..
So here comes the Red Crescent Society to save the day HAHAHAHA =.=
Well, I joined the Red Crescent Team this year, so called back-end support for the sports event.
Althou I really wanna take photos .. but somehow, chose to join RCS anyway. No regrets woot!!
But I DID became semi-photographer BEFORE the games started LOL. Well, what to do .. Can't be taking photos while lending a hand to those who're hurt =="

Another thing to comment ..
Some of the athletes are quite egoistic LOL.
They need help but refused to accept people's help -.-
Especially guys HAHA! Girls also but less :/

I remember a girl suddenly fainted in front of me ..
and I gotta like carry her to another side of the track. Goodness, luckily there's another teacher beside me and helped me carried her over there..
I think she's only a lower form girl but .. quite heavy to carry all by myself @_@
It's impossible to carry someone without a stretcher ok !! please understand -.-

Helped Daniel to replace his plaster near his toe lol.
Helped forgot who to relieve cramp leg ..
Fanned few people with the "kain-anduh"
*ps; imma first timer =x
pps; manage to snap quite some photos before the games started too woot!

Which toe Daniel? Okay plaster here you go...

Go go go!! lol.

Woaahh, the girl is really in pain @_@

Carrying her back to the RCS Site ..

Fanning some random girl while CY relieving her cramp.

Hoho, RCS Team on duty lolz.

oops .. forgot bout AHN, he fell asleep after a sip of the 100plus LOL

After all the tiring job ..
Time for a little first aid for our growling tummy - our lunch HAHAHAH! LOL.
Wow, it was surely tasty HAHA. Was effin HUNGRYYYY I tell you.

Haha, exchanging same mee LOL xD

Me in stadium lol. *perasan*

Wooot! Thanks to HT for snapping me running hahah! Macam athlete sajee xDD *perasan*

Hoho Josh, Future photographer xD

Wah love this LOL. Photographers woot!

The guys..

Flag pole ..

Go greeeen lol!

Woot Blake!

After all the performance ..
Time for prize giving ....


CKS and .. paiseh dont know her name =x err .. lmao at right person ;x


Cougaaaaaarrrrrrrr!! LOL.

I'm from Panther house, got 2nd ;/ oh well ;/ lolz.

Before going back, decided to run one round on the track which is 400m ..
FUUUUNN! It's been a long time since I ran that much.
Almost fainted thou hahahah. Never warm up what to do =x
Well, as if you can run around in a stadium like that anytime. So just run la :D

Me ; Slyvia and Daniel running @_@

Last but not least ..

Thanks Hui Teng for being my semi-photographer of the day! :D

SO DAMN EXHAUSTED + I RAN 400m before going back.
Had a mild headache too =.= Maybe brain lack of oxygen :O
Slept at 8.30opm and woke up at 9am the next day.
Woah! still tired LOL.


DJ Foo said...

LOL That pic of that green shirt fella beside the olahragawati is epic. His smile is one thing, his hand... Is he holding back a boner?

That pic of the sneakers on the track was nicely done.

Rave said...

my pic too imba @__@

vivian~ said...

Karmernnn!!! OHMYTIAN! all your picture super nice! :O I love it! you use manual mode? I mean u set shutter speed and aperture yourself?