Sunday, April 18

The Lucky Leaf..

Last Monday morning assembly
Among the shrubs next to where I lined up
A myriad of leaves and stuff caught my eye
Somehow *click* this one lil leaf
It left me a beautiful impression..

The lucky leaf...

Aint you lucky lil leaf to get spotted by me or
Maybe its my good luck to have spotted it

What's meant to be, will be
Call it coincidence?
I guess it really brought me luck last week! :)
Many happy turn of events, plenty of laughter
At least enjoyed the whole week without anymore .. "bad luck" LOL.



Participated school's Treasure Hunt activity! Woot!
It was fun! And LOTSA running around..
Group mates were AHN, LHY, and Josh. :D

Solving a very simple question =.= =.=" the amount of sweat @_@

Looks kinda evil LOL oh well .. watching teacher marking the papers @_@

Our paper! Marking marking .. in the end ....

We got 3rd! Hahaha, better than nothing =D

I enjoy cycling =D i only started cycling when i was in form 1 LOL =.=

The ball never even touched my finger 8D Geng leh xD

One more month !!!!!! gosh

1 comment:

vivi said...

I like that lucky leaf! and yor everyday also can take photo.jealous! why everyday also can bring camera de?