Thursday, April 8

Names? :o

Still didn't feel so well in the morning.
Slight headache.
Had to brainstorm the English Literature thing.
More headache.

Chinese class,
Tradition Chinese Language?

Then it's Biology time.
Wooah, luckily obj were okay, sub were slightly challenging (because I didn't study some)
Okay, should be ok la, better than last time I guess LOL =.=

Physics .. blah
History .. drew stuffs again hah!
I need to pay more attention eh =.=
Oh well.

Extra class, stressed a lil.
I hate Physics =.=

Stayed for Chinese Society
Ate opposite,
Discussed random Cantonese names.
Laughoutloud. Natural Yong Tao Foo? =x

Chattedgossiped with Add Maths Teacher in school canteen.
Wanted to plan some Mooncake Festival Event in school.
Not sure yet.
It's like .. blah.

Homework time, blah.

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-JoJo- said...

Girl, i think ur FB must be too many requests to accept. LOL.