Monday, April 12

Pathetique ; Pathetic?

Not that pathe"tique" after all~ :)
I enjoy spamming chords on the keyboard,
Some sorta way to release tension haha!

1st movement is a total drama.
2nd movement sweeeet~
3rd movement speed!

Love the song but .. it's so hard -.-
18 pages woot!
Basically can play all the notes,
All it needs now is EXPRESSIONNNN ..
Hellooo Feelings, where are youuuuu -.- -.-


Partnered Breena in performing the Volcano experiment demo thingy during the opening ceremony for Science and Maths Week :) It was kinda fun LOL

Appreciation to Add Maths + Maths teacher for delegating this task to us xD
Breena did the narration, while I get to set-up an eruption woahh!
Hui Teng was the assigned photographer

Start with some warm water...

Added in washing detergent followed by food colouring ..
Then, add Soda Bicarbonate powder~ still calm and peaceful at this stage

Here comes the final ingredient

VINEGAAAAAAAR !! *oozing all over* the reaction was kinda vigorous , both me and teacher's expressions haha! xD

Missed the shot of the full "volcano eruption" .. nevermind~ haha.

*peace* Mission accomplished LOL! Breena recap the steps and ingredients haha.

Some random stuff happened right after that which I never expected.

Stayed back for Library stuffs.
Need to get it done once and for allll arghh.

Played a bit of Archery HAHA!
So noob weh ==" Keep missing the target LOL.
Last time played in Genting also not that cha =.=

LOL macam ada gaya only =.=

In the end HAHAHAHA Imba shot =.=

Homework homework homework
Projects projects projects
lol << (it looks like a human drowning right? xD)

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