Wednesday, April 14

Lisan + Painting woot!

The bean is always on top of my piano :D

Went school early in the morning, the tables were outta order.
Some said there was earthquake in the middle of the canteen LAWL.
Went to sit @ boy's side of the canteen =="

Gave photos to teacher~
During assembly, one of the teacher was really sad, in 13 years of teaching, she first experienced something that she never thought of. Maybe it was really hard for her ..

Had Ujian Segak,
Omgosh, torturing =.="
My arms hurt now T.T

Finally had LISAN WOOOOT!
I guess it's the best lisan ever haha!
3 of us enjoyed it xD kept practicing :D

Thought of NOT staying back today..
But decided to in the end.

Haiz.. there were hardly people around so instead of BSMM meeting
We went to help teacher paint the Bio Lab..
Oh well, painting is fun! It's been a long time since I last painted (5 years ago wah)

:D Thanks JY for the photo xD
looks like i'm wearing some white long skirt @_@

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