Friday, April 2

As I enter 17..


Before school, received a "cellphone-like" angpao from mom lol, zhadao. Maybe she can't buy me a new one so gave me an angpao instead xD thankyouuuuuuu~ ♥

*oh oh! she told me her plan, I got 500bucks for my academic incentive reward .. then CNY angpao money also maybe got 300bucks (not sure, believe it or not, I haven't open my angpaos yet LOL!!) .. and add up her 300bucks angpao .. I'll have enough money to buy myself a new cellphone.. But .. I think I'll save the money haha! Nokia 6300 ain't that bad right ....... LOL except for that limited text storage LOL -.-

In school, friends wished, teachers wished :)
Got presents from Pn Lau(piglet keychain), Yin Hui(BodyShop's perfume ♥) , Jia Yu(Teddy Bear keychain) and LCT(watch) haha! Thanks alot~ :D

Although it's Aprilfool, never got pranked! :D lolz.

Had my afternoon nap, LHY interrupted my sweet dream for at least 3 times (!!) Asked me bout Undang stuffs at first, and then he was like he wants to borrow my memory card .. asked details about my memory card .. AND I WAS LIKE HALF AWAKE !! Blur as usual .. and I never thought that he's plotting his evil plan ==!!!

Celebrated birthday with family before going to tuition
Had a quiet one compare to last year haha :)

Make a wish~~~~~~~

"I wish that ........ " :D

Received a call from a primary friend again this year, I'm on the way to my tuition this time (last yr was having dinner and got scolded by dad ahaha!) Had some chats too, thanks for calling! :D

Tuition, received a present from a tuition mate which shares the same birthdate as me! Am surprised, should have bought her one too. Thanks Yi Ting! :) Aprilfool babies rawks! :D

Back from tuition, saw Fiona's birthday post :) Hehe thanks! :D
Somehow saw WKW's updated blogpost in my link list too, thank you~ :D

Responded to every b/day well-wisher on FB and also in FB's mailbox too LOL. Unexpected mail from a classmate, totally unexpected .. and a long one too lol :o


Early in the morning, received a text from Hui Teng, she asked me to bring my Sony Camera o_o I asked for what purpose then she's like secret secret ._. But I SERIOUSLY never thought that "it(read on)" will happen (!)

Nothing unusual took place in the morning...

Back to class, received a present from Hau Nung(soft teddy bear :D)~ Thank youu~ :D
He brought a Giraffe present for Kritz too! Hahaha!
Chai Yin gave me a keychain with my name on it too! ♥

Then Hang Yang asked me for my camera.. Never really suspect anything because .. my birthday is over right .... Anyway, went toilet after that (kinda a daily routine, because I drink lotsa water == 2 bottles ain't enough sometimes ==) Then (I forgot when and how it happened) Wasn't really sure (stm and blur), HY said Tiong Hsien accidentally deleted all my photos etc etc etc .. I was like -_______-" Wanted to kill someone already but what to do -.- It's already gone right -.- Kinda ignored them =____________= (oh and they expect me to notice the number of photos that could be taken *because they switched the memory card* when I'm mad lol==)Then itu HY kept saying that he could retrieve back with his skills and bla bla bla *continues ignoring* In the end, I think he put back the original one, and the finale.. Received a 2GB SD card from both of them haha! Unexpected, thanks guys! thanks for the plot too! LOL!

Went home,
Saw She-Reen's birthday post, haha! Thanks!! :D And that photo (!!!!!!) LOOOOL !

Once again..
Thanks for all the wishes,
Thru MSN, Facebook, blog posts, plurks, texts, calls, in person, belated ones ..
Presents too .. well ...


All of you made my day, haha! :D

PS; going for my 6 hours car theory tomorrow! wooooot! :D
PPS; Happy Good Friday y'll :D
PPPS; Thank youuu Angeline for your birthday post :DD (althou you-know-what (!!)) and *smirks* xD

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