Tuesday, April 13

A Levels Maths and Logic Competition @ Sunway UC

Minum teh opposite with Kritz & TTH in the morning.
Basically only Kritz minum-ed ;x
Went back to school, saw teacher, hopped on her car, off to Sunway UC AGAIN lulz.

It's the same MPH, same UC same everything!
Except I didn't forget this time LOL =.=

We're the first to arrive =.=" The registration staff ain't even there yet !!
So we went to check out our seats in the MPHall.
Guess what?

Neither of our names was in sight =.=
Nor even our school's name =.=
AND TEACHER WASN'T WITH US HAHA LOL (she went for parking,that's why lol)

Random brain cells got activated..
Ahhh.. our sequence of crazy probabilities =.=

"teacher left us there - we go sunway pyramid watch movie only la - yay no need competition - oh gosh need go back to school - aiya never bring books leh - that's why lo go sunway =.="

Stuff in italics above didn't happen ok, juz wishful thinking lol.
So the registration staff just wrote our names on the paper =.="
JUST LIKE THAT?!?! No other complicated procedures?! LOL
Sigh, just go participate in the competition lah =/

Ate breakfast, while eating, more and more students arrived,
From Penang, Ipoh, Johor, Pahang... every state in the Peninsular Malaysia..
Gosh.. it's a RED ocean there!!! we're dead !!!

Kritz, TTH, Eirban met some of their friends ..
Kept talking about their primary thingies =.= "how geng this, how geng that" =x
Waited for almost ...................... 2 hours =.= =.= =.=

Finally started ..
Process .. rather .. stressed LOL.
the entire comp is divided into 2 rounds with an hour break...
we saw tth's mom, lulz
Finally competition over

Went back, ate at malay restaurant with 3 of them.
Had random laughs and chat.
There's a kitten too =.=
Irfan bad, very bad, keep distracting the kitten away from me =.=""!!

Oh well, had fun today haha!
Laugh dao stomach muscle pain =x
Homework time again zz..

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