Saturday, April 3

6 friggin' hrs of car theory lessons.

This is crazy, woke up early in the morning, mom fetched me to school's opposite restaurant to meet up with lhy and tth. Had breakfast there and UC came to pick us up.

On the way, kok hong joined us O_O didn't know that o_o Thus, the small little car was packed at the back and the air-con was well .. KINDA cold la. Tried to sleep, my head hit the window when the car went over the road hump. OUCH =="

Apparently, we're the early birds .. the centre wasn't really opened that time. Registered our names without lining up xD Woot! I like it hahaha. Whenever they call names, it's always ours to be the first few ones :D :D naisshhh.

Oh, I hate the thumb print thing. THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE MACHINE (yes, i dont wanna blame my poor little thumb) Always cannot detect my thumb ==" Got once it detected my thumb easily .. THAT'S THE ONE and ONLY time it can detect my thumb zz! Was so happy hahaha =="

My poor phone .. don't know how the water went in, whole thing like .. D; At first it kept blinking, then keypad starting to malfunction .. oh crap T.T

Thank goodness lhy helped me to revive my phone, thank you so much !!

Met lhy's friend and an ex-form 5 student. Woah, he's been learning some architecture basics since form 3 .. .. oh well nothing much.. boys talk .. just sat and listened .. joined in a bit of their random convo.. lol ==" don't really remember much of it already lol ==

Stood under the sun to watch how the driving instructors demo driving thru the obstacles during exam. Luckily the weather ain't that bad, there's breeze once in a while too.. and ......


suddenly have the urge to drive =.= seems interesting and fun O.O xD

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