Tuesday, February 2


(originally posted on 2 Feb 2010)

I guess I've been quite a lazy blogger nowadays..
Okay, maybe NOT that LAZY, just that .. I can't find the time to update this blog!

It's February alreadyyy! The 2nd month .. Time's passing in a very fast pace ..
Trying hard to keep up with time =/

Let's see how I spent the last few days of January 2010 ._.

29 Jan - Made jelly for bro's birthday, it's very hard doing everything - stirring, pouring the mixed powder, adding fruits .. ribena ... kinda messed up a lil.

30 Jan - Woke up early in the morning, everyone helped out in the kitchen .. got ready for bro's birthday, was kinda photographer of the day. Snapped pictures.. Busy day ..

31 Jan - Spend 12 hours at UM, the Bengkel BM SPM Seminar .. cost RM108 =/ it wasn't bad and it was tiring .. VERY TIRING.

That's kinda a summary of it, nothing much thou.
This Saturday, there's calligraphy competition and Road Run.
I chose to go for Calligraphy Competition since it's a tradition every year LOL.
Road Run, oh well, you can't have both :(

I hate weekends being eaten up by activities,
It's like the only 2 days I can slack but -.-

Okay, time to sleep.
Throat ain't feeling well,
Something's wrong with my nasal cavity LOL