Wednesday, January 27

Pertolongan Cemas @ SK Bukit Kuchai

Played Rugby at school during PE lessons.
Some girls can be as rough as or rougher than boys, scary.
Well, in other words, they are very determined in saving the rugby :D

Done Add Maths homework (Intergration; quite fun in the beginning ;x) in class :D
Feels great, no need to do add maths homework at home :D
But there's tuition's homework -.- Damnit.

Ordered 4 scholastic books,
Am already excited for the books to arrive but ..
It takes about a month .. then it'll be end of Feb,
And there's exam in March!! Gosh.

Went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Kuchai to help out as a member of BSMM.
They're having their cross country.
Reminds me of my own primary school, sigh, kids.
They look like miniatures compare to all of us :/
So cute xD

First timer, not really sure what to do, but thank buddha there's no one being hurt at me & JY's check point at street 3/9 :)
Ran all the way back to the school(SKBK) with 2/3 crazy guys -.-
And because of JY I gotta run the long way argh.

Reached, almost half dead.
Went straight to canteen, a girl fainted.
Most of the members were already helping out,
No point to squeeze in, so watched how the pros do the job.
I think the girl was too tired and fell asleep, but just in case, they sent her to some clinic nearby.
And so, we waited for them in the school and En. Zaibidi (?) not sure =x He prepared some food for us, not sure what is it .. but .. it tasted not bad ...
As usual, joked around if not very SIEN.

Called teacher, he fetched us back to our school.
Mom came while me and JY were on our way to her house.
Bro told about the experience when he went into my school to find me.
Commented on something, laughoutloud. Which I agree too :P

Legs gonna break already, super tired day.
Time to rest,
Need to recharge the weak battery :/
Nights yo!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kar mern.. Paul here.. Same age with you too XDS Are you using 5800? I was thinking to buy that phone.. but before that,would like to know is that phone ok?thx

-0wner! said...

hey, sry that i took so long to reply you. my nokia 5800 aint bad, i kinda like it myself. if you dont mine that its quite bulky, i guess it'll be ok.

but the camera quality kinda sucks, in my opinion la.

i've been using for a year, so far so good..