Wednesday, January 13


PJ-ed in the morning,
Played Ice and Water LOL!
I like being the Ice :P
Chasing around quite fun eh,
Miss those days in primary school xD

Had Mesyurat Agong for the Co-Curriculum.
Nothing much,
Joined the school magazine board,
suddenly became one of the reporters,
I'm not very good at that but I guess this is a chance for me to learn, :D

As for Chinese Society, I gotta like attend every week :(
Tuesday for Badminton, Wednesday for BSMM, and thurs..
and I have tuition on Wed + Thurs!! Ahhh, stress LOL.

Had random chats in the restaurants before going home,
Told HT bout my brother's story ahha.

Congrats to him for being a librarian too :)
He got his tie today :D

Yesterday, he came to my room and asked me to come out for a surprise,
and he told me excitedly that he got chosen :)
Kinda because I made him to go get the post by using "ji jiang fa" :P
It always work :P

Finished up homework on time these days,
But feel like slacking already, oh my.
*try reminding myself about my NY reso* lol.

Tomorrow will be a better day~

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-JoJo- said...

No worry, next minute will be ur better minute.