Wednesday, January 6

HOMEWORK and nothing but HOMEWORK

This is seriously my first time in my high school life that I had so many homework in a day, or maybe just make it a week -.- Almost all the homework includes copying notes from some modules that they printed out and as for exercises, we gotta copy the questions from a paper and write the answers ..

For notes, ok la, I understand but for exercises .. I don't get the point of copying questions .. Maybe we'll remember it more ? I'm not sure, well I hope I will -.- If this doesn't work then it's actually wasting time D; I need to get ready more pens lol. It's been a long time since I had so many homework after primary school HAHA. Maybe we can buy workbooks like how we did during primary school, at least we don't need to copy the questions HMMM..

One more thing, my bio teacher rawks hahahaha. Reason? Because she makes the class lively! :D (Hoho) That's part of the reason :P Others? Find out yourself! LOL

Excuses for not doing add maths homework ..
  • Dont know how to do
  • Haven't write into boook
  • No time to do
  • Waiting for the "liquid" to dry !!! (pro man, i like this LOL)
I dont know who gave that excuse LOL, *salute* :)

Wore new pss uniform today, long sleeves so frigging hot !!
Feels uncomfortable :/ Need some time to get used to it :/
Nevermind! I'm sitting under the fan anyway WAHAHA.

Kept fishing in the afternoon -.- It feels so hot and .. humid urgh.
Typical Malaysia .. How great if it rains in the afternoon and stop right after the school bell rings
That'll be COOLing! *dreaming*

New History teacher rawks woot! Much more better, pls save my History !! :D

Later having tuition :(
I hate tuition :(
But no tuition mati :(
Aduh :(
Ok la, back to homework :( Bye!

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