Saturday, January 9

The Star Education Fair 2010

Went there after lunch with parents, CY, SQ and Mic! :D
Thanks parents for fetching :D

Should had just wear my slippers -.-
Thanks dad for asking me to change it D;
My feet hurts :(

Took a whole damn lotsa brochures ..
Mainly about Law, Business, Finance .....
I found Architecture brochures and Mass Comm ones in my bag too HAHA.
There's Engineering courses too ..
I just simply take and brought home to read, who knows right? xD

At first met She-Reen somewhere near the 988 radio booth :D,
After met some random girl that knows CY helps her dad out .. damn lawl xD
Then saw Kar Yan with her friend in the ATC law booth xD we're like .. "karyan? ; karmern?" HAHA xD
Soon, moved on to the Brickfields Asia College and saw KarMen's mom and brother LOL but i dont know them la xD
*oh ya, met Justin Low too ._.

Nothing much,
I'm still unsure about my aim yet -_- *bangwall*
At least I found some maps around me now,
Not sure which is the correct one (?)
Good luck to myself! and to those who doesn't know bout their aim D;

Time to sleep! Nights yo!

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