Monday, January 4

Last 1st day of school in highschool!

Yeah, woke up frigging early in the morning,
It was raining! It's kinda like the sky sobbing because school finally start and yeah, it's sad in a way.
No assembly woot! It's frigging hot in our line now, yeah, the so-called "form 5s" big sista big brotha. That sounded old ... =="

Discuss about "holiday homework"
Actually, holiday is meant for holiday, not holiday HOMEWORK.
We need enough rest for this whole new year full of challenging form 5 stuffs and SPM =.=
So excited!! -.-

Okay, so .. Add Maths ALL (the questions in text book) AS USUAL.
It's been more or less 3 months I never hear ALL from teacher.
I guess I gotta get used to doing ALL the homework -.-

Nothing much, I actually felt weird because .. there's no more seniors ..
We ARE the seniors now, feels like .. I'm still in Form 1 hahaha -.-

Had Maths for the last 2 periods ..
Learnt to count like .. ET woot!
The changing number and bases stuff, quite fun!
I like the ET part, thanks to creative teacher! Haha.

Had lessons after school, oh my, I didn't have my NAP !!!
Makan dinner then went for tuition.

AND FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL doesn't mean that teachers should flood us with homework!!
I know it's SPM year buuuuuutt, can't we just enjoy on the first daaaayyyyy *bigweteyes*
HAHA, okay, killed all the homework, hope I don't left any out.
Kinda proud of myself HAHA, used 1 1/2 hour time to finish 4 hw

Can't remember,
So, nights!

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