Sunday, January 24

With Cousins @ The Mines

CNY soon lo~~~ :D

Went to The Mines str8 after school,
I forgot when was the last time I went there.

Took photos of the CNY Decos,
Thank buddha there's no one we knew were there! HAHA.

with cousins!

Ohya, noticed that me and my cousin sis wore the same colour shirts? ==
We didn't plan that =="

Brought my clothes to school,
Changed after school,
Went out, saw her wearing blue too =/
Geez xD

Went shopping around ..
Found Kitschen there,
Waited for cousin bro and sis while they're trying on some clothes ..

There's a mirror in front of me and another cousin,
So we took photos xD

Then HS joined !

It's the girls turn to try on clothes! :D

No time to try on more and take more photos because time's running out!

Went to TGV and ..
Watched Tiger WooHoo !!! :D
Not bad for a Malaysian movie.

Manyak Malaysian feeling!! :D
Go watch! :D

Had dinner together again.
Snapped some photos while heading to restaurant :P

Tak tau apa pose .. =="

3 of us! Can't fit cousin bro D;


That's all.
Don't know how to update blog already.
Things just go wrong,

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Evelyn Chang said...

tiger woohoo rockss!!! ;D