Sunday, January 17

Leadership Course & Seminar!

Yesterday attended leadership course organized by school specially for the presidents/captain and secretary of clubs, societies, sports etc..
Went as the President for library (special unit),
Learned how to plan activities, conduct meeting, prepare documents(secretary).
It was okay .....

Then today,
Went for Joey Yap's Feng Shui Seminar,
Chui Ling was there too.
Took photos, but lazy to post them up nowadays =/
Knew more about my BaZi. Well, kinda true.
Fruitful seminar, learned more about myself .. kinda :D

Ate at starbucks during lunch,
Drank Mocha, but I still felt sleepy D;
Caffeine has no effect on me, how sad?
How could I stay awake next time =="

BKT for dinner,
Fattening xD

That's all.
Nights! :)

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