Monday, January 11

Monday Blue~

I hate my Monday,
There's lessons, and tuition after that, sheesh!

Today is the starting of the 2nd week of 2010! :D
Nothing much, my class sang the School Song in front of the whole school.
That was really .. unexpected -_-

Had this public speaking thing,
Quote from Josh: It's gonna be public enemy LOL.

Hehehe, did something today,
and if TBH reads this I think he'll .. be speechless (?) not sure xD
tth, minghuey, hangyang and me ate his food while he's finding for his soup, it was hilarious when he didn't know what happened and all of us were like .. lol
Tiring day,
Maybe I shud start bringing camera,
Then it wouldn't be so .. dull here. xD

Changed the background!
The maths one was too irritating, lol.
At least this is much more calm :D

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