Friday, January 22

3rd week

After the heavy rain this afternoon :)

Approximately 10 months to SPM.
Actually is 10 months to SPM -.-

22nd of November 2010

Doomsday LOL.

Oh well, forget about it first.

The starting of year 2010 is rather .. full of irritating and annoying people.
Sometimes when you think things are going smoothly, it turns out to be opposite -.-
And this year, things seems to go wrong all the time -.-
Someone need to be careful of the way they speak, it annoys me. Pft.

Kinda get used to the amount of homework that teacher gave.
Needa improve my writing skills :(

Helped my brother a bit in his painting,
It's been a long time since I hold a brush,
Suddenly, I think I miss the subject I used to hate - Art

I like water paintings,
I love 'em.

Reminds me of my form 3 mid year drawing ..

in June 2008

I know it's kinda ... simple but .. :)
Oh well ;D
Aint gonna have chance to paint anymore :(

School replacement tomorrow :(
Sad right? Go school on a Saturday?
How torturing.
The 2 days that I could finish up homework
And REST. Geez.

Time to sleep!
Nights! :)

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