Saturday, January 2

What A New Year

I know I should be doing my homework,
But sometimes I just don't understand things.
Whatever that is happening is certainly not good,
I know, I'll not dedicate this post to anyone.

Wow, my retainers sucks.
Effing painful.
Went for appointment today.
Next one on April ..

Had my haircut woot,
Not much diff la.

My feeling now is not good, it happened not only once, not twice but many times, I, myself couldn't really take this much .. but why should things be like that .. Great, now I'm actually .. ... in front of the computer. No, I don't wanna face this. Neither party is happy now, well like duh. Things just go .. complicated .. or .. I looked at all these matters too simple .. Yeah, I'm going 17 and still think so naively. I know it's hard but what can I do? Who am I ..

Sometimes I just think that what if Humans don't have a mouth, they just use some hand signs, write out whatever they think .. at least they'll get to think twice what they should say. The world would be peaceful then.. Overly peaceful .. No songs .. just music with rhythms but you can't hum them .. It'd be pathetic I guess.. and again .. naive thoughts.

Sometimes .. I just don't know what should I do .. standing / stoning there like an idiot. Hah, looking down on myself now .. Crap. I know everything would be "okay" .. well yeah, "okay" on the outside .. like always .. Deep down I can sense a black hole .. and I could only just sit there and wait for it to grow. How exciting, wtf.

I hate this, bad stuffs aren't meant to be on my blog, because I don't wanna remember them .. but sometimes things just go bad, very bad. What a good start for 2010.

There's an outing tomorrow and I can't go :(
School's starting. Sigh..

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