Sunday, August 22

Another SPM Seminar ..

...the second of such this year.
It's on a Sunday,

So yeah, Chemistry was okay .... Physics not bad ..
Walter Lewin's cool :)
If I had a tutor like him, I'll score in Physics with flying rainbow colours *cough* *chokes* *cough*
History .. more like a drama class. Maybe I'll try out his tips on studying history some day.
(oh wait, shouldn't I be like .. studying now?) heh #^^#

Food was ... gah!

OHHH! Luckily I got unlimited access of WAP today!!! WOOOOOOT!!!
Otherwise it would have been terrible since I couldn't sign in Facebook with the Blackberry ugh.
and, seminar like this could get boring sometimes .. just need to kill boredom once in awhile :)
Don't blame me ok, I saw people playing cellphone's game and reading ShinChan!

Talked bout something during lunch break,
As I said, talking about it once is enough.
It's over, so look forward yeah :)
Let's work our hardest for now~

OHH &, My pencil accidentally flew to one's back, oops ;x
And "zoomed" zits are ew. (some random person's)

Nothing muchie actually.
7.30am - 6pm

Random pics...

There are others but .. meh, tired + malas.

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