Friday, August 27

Two Moons?!

Hoax much.
Gooooogled a lil,
Since year 2003, EVERY 27th of AUGUST there's two "moons" =.=
& What happen to the fact that we won't see it again till year 2287 =.=

So I joined the "hype"
Observed the night sky a lil :O
No doubt that the moon looked a lil larger than usual.
There's also a very bright star beside it..

Clouds were the joy-killer.
Besides, parents are asleep,
I can't be alone out in the car porch, as it will be VERY DANGEROUS right?
It's in the middle of the night, which all of us known as .. MIDNIGHT (lol lame)

So whtevs, managed to snap some shots.

Played around with the setting, somehow manage to get this orangey colour :D

Say hello to moon! *waves*

Seeeee clouds :/

Like clouds, like smoke :P


I've made my decision.
I'll achieve it within this week I hope.
Well, AT LEAST 80% of the notes.
10 pages, 3-4 down, 6 moar :(
Can't care much, gotta woooork hard!


I'm actually quite disappointed with one's attitude.
Sigh, I did whatever that I should do, but things just don't go the way you want sometimes.


It's the elephant in the room
And we pretend that we don't see it.
It's the avalanche that looms above our heads.
And we don't believe it.

Trying to be perfect
Trying not to let you down.
Honesty is honestly the hardest thing for me right now.
while the floors underneath our feet are crumbling
The walls we built together tumbling
I still stand here holding up the roof
Cause it's easier than telling the truth.

-The Truth, Kris Allen


Love that song ;)
Ohh, look at the time.
Nights world~


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HAHA,thanks! But too bad there ain't 2 moons :(