Tuesday, August 3


A tag by Michele :D

Ten different things I wish I could say to 10 different people
1. ILY!!! :D
2. IHY!!! LOL.
3. IMY!!! :)
4. I'm confused :(
5. Wanna fight?! :P
6. I'm tired :(
8. Why call me biscuit :( LOL
9. Idk what and how did it happen, not even involved in all these shhhhoes, damnit.
10. Sigh, idk what to say :(

Nine things about myself:
1. I love food!!
2. I love to eat (duh)
3. I have my P license :P
4. I love to laugh :D
5. I enjoy roaming around alone (sometimes only -.-)
6. I walk quite fast(?) lol.
7. Great passion in photography but ... :/
8. I enjoy playing the piano o.o ... not for exams :S
9. Sleeping is a way to escape reality LOL :X

Eight ways to win my heart in a relationship.
1. "Chemistry"
2. Sincere and caring
3. With the right dose of humour
4. Occasional surprises with simple thoughtful gestures that need not burn a hole in his pocket
5. I know this would sound so ancient… letters!!
6. It amazes me how some people bounce in and out of and then back into relationships again so instantly, I rather have one that takes effort to know me and find the right time to say what needs to be said.
7. Stay true and strong amidst challenges and temptations that are inevitable in life
8. Someone I am able to look up to, so need to be reasonably taller than me. Looks aint my priority but if he happens to be handsome, I wouldn’t mind.. 8D

Seven thoughts that crossed my mind a lot:
1. Family :O
2. My camera :O
3. Memories...
4. Random stuffs.
6. PIANO EXAM omg :(
7. Ze oh-so-unknown-future :(

Six things I do before I fall asleep:
1. Brush teeth
2. Wash face
3. Wear retainers
4. Change into pyjamas lulz.
5. Set alarm @ phone
6. Set alarm @ radio (yesh, i got 2 alarms -.-)

Five people who means a lot:
1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Brother
4. Friends
5. ...

Four things I'm wearing right now:
1. Specs
2. Watch
3. Hairband (?!)
4. Clothes :D

3 songs I listen to often:
1. Daughtry
2. Westlife
3. Orianthi

(not really songs but wtvs :P)

Two things you want to do before you die:
1. Live a life with no regrets ;x
2. Eat the most delicious dish in the world XD

One confession
I ....

I ..........

I .........................

I can't sit still LOL -.-


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-JoJo- said...

Confession shouldn't done in public space, so whisper to me XD