Saturday, August 7

Draft Post

Nah, it's not like I'm gonna post some of my draft post.

It wasn't meant to stay as draft actually, I wanna blog about it, but haven't get to post it. And guess what? Due to my Short-Term-Memory-ness aka STM (lol), I TOTALLY forgot about it. I guess, what I felt that time was intense but momentary. It really matters a lot to me during that period of time, but eventually it faded off with the passing of time. Things just come and go sometimes, if one hold on to something too hard, one will suffer, imo.

I often find random pieces of papers in my messycupboard, there'll be scribblings on them, mostly about my rants HAHA! I read back, but I don't even remember why did I write such things LOL. It's a blessing how fast I forget things, or should I say, unhappy/frustrating/angry events. There's no space for all of these in my mind :)

But on some rare occasions, those events will pop out -.- reminding me of what I should do, what I should not. Probably my subconscious failed to lock them up in a hidden jail for bad memories LOL (random)

Went for a Chinese Language Seminar today @ KDU College.
It's the first time attending a seminar, conducted in Chinese.
They did have this Motivation talk at the beginning by an English + Social Science lecturer from KDU from US.
His accent was great, inspiring talk, got some benefits :) He made me felt like.. I wanna go to US!! HAHA! Study what? I dont know =.=

Then it was the Chinese Seminar. The hall was colddd i tell you, I felt soooooo sleeepy! Wasn't feeling well either, itchy throat -.- Anyway, the talk was not-too-bad. Get to know a new friend too! Or maybe 3! HAHA! She actually introduced her friends to me too haha :) Very friendly of her :)

It rained.

Mom fetched.

Went dental, saw someone that I've never expected to (lol). Bought strepsils (LIKE FINALLY!!)

Went around boutiques that area, got a pants (?) and irrelevant-belt too LOL.
Thanks mom! :D

I can't eat DURIAN !!!! :(
heaty dry cough ma :(

Printer is finally fixed! :D Waiting for dad to fetch it back up here LOL =="

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