Monday, August 23

A gift & moment of joy ♥ !

Had dinner with grandparents after the almost-10-hour-seminar.
Was basically kinda dying lol, my eyelids lah.
Felt much more better after eating I guess, then my aunt - Aunt MM handed me a bag with a very nice box in it. It was a gift .. to spur me on for my coming SPM, D: A BIG Thank you to my Aunt MM!! Really had a happy surprise lol.

Bro also got his, for his UPSR. He was like so excited and opened it up (his wasn't wrap thou, so I guess it's alright)

Then he kept wanting to see mine, but I don't think it's that appropriate to open up gifts immediately unless the person who gave me says so, or somehow I kinda enjoy the thrill of keeping myself in suspense until I reached home/get into the car first, lol :) so .. blek, just peeked a lil, since bro kakacaucau. Can't really see though :/

Anyway, reached home ...

Guess what?

Yeah, duh ..

Duh what ?!?!?



Nyehehehehehehee.. Guess guesssss!!

IT'S ..................


OMGOSHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of em were neatly arranged, I could see there's double-sided tape on each piece of it.
Not to forget, there's a short note in there, I'll just keep it for myself :P

The folder of dooodolls!!

OMGOSH, soooo gonna stick it on my car .. IF I HAVE ONE :( :(

TADAAAA! Suddenly own so many dooodolls stuffs!! wah 8D

Thank youuuuuu :D
About SPM, yeah, working hard on it now :D

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AM2 said...

You're most welcome! Thanks for taking nice photos of them. :)