Friday, October 1

Hello October ?

September sure is a month full of .. well i dont know what to say.
I lost track of time, lost track of what'd happen, lost track of events, lost track of people, lost track of basically everything.

I promise I'll update some September events after exams kay? :)

Now, October .. One more month closer to a$ pee emm. woooo
I'm so not prepared ahhaha!
Trials was so not like trials compared to PMR trials @ 2008 lol~

Since I wanna take a break now.. I'll just brief thru the subjects ..
It's just the matter of time, headache is gonna visit me soon :(

BM- lol~ forgot :P
English - facebook lol~
Maths - not bad (?)
History - need to polish up shootin' skills ;/
Chinese - crap a lot, hand hurts :(
Add Maths - paper 1 !@#$ (i emo-ed)
Bio - LOL~ die.

Chem, Phy, Chinese 2 next week, jiayou lo T_T


cheer up peeps! \^_^/ LOL

*somethin tat a fren did when everyone was bored,lol*

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