Tuesday, October 12

Self-Declared Holiday ROCK!!

Hehhehehe, I promised my update right? ;x
Today is another self-declared holiday! :D Since, there's still PMR going on today, so .. heh.
It's great to repay the sleep debt I owed for 3 weeks @_@
Exams was really a pain in the neck , 3 hella weeks man , without proper sleep .
Life's like a walking zombie *woooo*

So ... this update was due so damn long ago which I don't even remember when ..
A week before the holiday perhaps (?)

Went Bubba Gump :)
Shrimps and nothing but Shrimps :P (ok there's other things too, but SHRIMPS were the main dishes)

I like their Interior Deco,
They even have the Zinc Roof!!
Reminds me of my Kampung (aww)

Cute menu! haha!

Lol~ Nice eh.

Run baby forrest RUN~ ;P

LOL~ Cute gasoline tank!!! XD

Oh yea! Live life with no regrets!!! :)

Nice quote on the receipt :D

Heh, then walked around Sunway, bought stuffs I think ..
Don't really remember lol~
I know cynth said she saw me with my mom! HAHA! XD
Very loooooooooooooooooooooooooong ago. @_____@

done ah the post?

how come no food?
-heh, dun feel like posting, BLEK! XD lol.

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