Thursday, October 14

The Pork Place

once upon a time ... during raya lol~

A name that says it all..
A place that not only serves pork specialties but sells premium pork too
They call it the "Sanbanto" Natural Premium Pork

Apparently this new outlet at IOI Boulevard is the second, their first outlet is in SS2

The preliminary menu (laminated type) was overly plain and didn't quite jive with the ambience, not too many choices for smooth operations before expanding to more varieties ....

Neh, even mom showed that face :P

Tricolored Spiralini Grilled Pork belly
superb blend of juicy tender meat in rich creamy sauce

Bacon Cheese burger

pork patty that was soooo succulent, yummy!

Definitely going back there again some other time when there are more varieties..
oh yeah... they did a good job explaining and promoting about their premium pork stuff to mum
Bought the pork belly... homemade stewed pork belly rocks xD

ps; my bro kinda ACCIDENTALLY hit on the glass partition, very lawl! XD
pps; the shop owner said they'll stick somethin on it, because ... bro ain't the first one .. LMAO!!!!


Anonymous said...

wa so early....
during raya cheaper is it? xD

-0wner! said...

not really, just so happen .. lol ..

Peter said...

Hi. I'm Peter, working with Sanbanto as a butcher & currently operating Sanbanto's Facebook fan page.

I would like have your permission to post your blog entry on Sanbanto's Facebook fan page.

-0wner! said...

Yeah, sure! ;)