Tuesday, October 19

Librarians' Annual Lunch + Raya Visiting!

once upon a time .. lol~

Hoho, this was during the 2nd week of holiday in Sept LOL.
I fell sick, yes, the 2nd week.
Damnit, 2nd week was supposed to be studying the inside out outside in of me.


Damn, cough + noseblock. Urgggggh!

Spammed meds during that whole week.
Not only there's my librarian lunch, there's also TRIALS AFTER HOLIDAY. FML.

Luckily, managed to recover 75% of my health @_@
Getting sick is bad, getting sick during holiday is worse, GETTING SICK BEFORE EXAM IS omg@!#$ THE WORST OF ALL.

Argghhh! as if that wasn't bad enough.. the person who was supposed to sign for the promo discount ffk at the eleventh hour!!!
Yeah blame it on Murphy's law "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".
I was practically scrambling to find a substitute card holder ...

Anyway, thanks to divine blessing..

Everything fell in place according to plan ;) except the rain in the morning LOL.
You can't plan weather, can you?

OH YESS! even the bus! THANKGOODNESS they provided aircond bus ;D (the guy insisted that he'll only give us the non-aircond bus for the price we pay), if not .. with the rain and the windows closed - everybody's gonna kill me hahaha!

Despite everything, still a lil disappointed in a way.

Oh well, let bygones be bygones, so I shall only remember the lesson I learned :)

Me + HT~ :D

Ze group photo~ lol~

My outfit of the day ahahah! exclude the heels :P

Went to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife
Milla Jovovich ♥ !! Super yeng!!

One of the movie scene,
Prison BreakResident Evil! :P
Some parts really gave me a shock -__-" Damnit XD

SUPER TIRED after everything LOL.
My poor feet were kinda abused!!! LOL. Stoopid heels :(

Next day,
Went to Athirah's house for open house ;D
Nice foood!!!
Nothing much, chatted, took photos ..
and got GREEN PAO from her! haahha! :D


With evil,chou leng VIVIAN! XD

LOL!! Not ready!!! with Siput aka Athirah! XD

With Mic! Dunno why but I find our expression funny, macam so tired @_@

*points at yellow building!* MY SCHOOL LOL =.=
Okay la, everyone with siput! :P

T_T kena block hahaahha! XD

With the girls ;) Mic went back thou ...

That's all!
Holiday ends.
Trials start.
... 3 torturing weeks T_T