Monday, October 18

Mom's Birthday @ Victoria Station! ;)

*blows dust*

Time .. to .. update! :D

once upon a time .. on my mom's birthday ..

LOL! It's been awhile since my mom's birthday, SORRRYYYY! sick + trials :(
You don't want me to waste my time blogging right :) lol.

hope you enjoyed the cake lol~ :P

So yeah! We went Victoria Station @ USJ, Taipan to celebrate mom's birthday ;)
I was freaking sick.
Didn't really get to enjoy the steak :(
Nevermind! I taxed a lil from everyone, the oyster made my day! HAHAHA!
Only ate 1 though, really have to take care of my health, sigh ..

OKOK, be happy! :D

Ze very yeng menu! :D

On the menu, lol~ I think it's nice :O

Oxtail soup~

Mhhmmmmmmm!!!!! Best among all. Oyster rock!!!!!

Escargot!!!!! not that nice thou.

Hehehe, snail :P

A mixture of Chicken & Lamb chop + Steak

barbeque chicken

Seafood somethin somethin

Lol, the background so do not fit the whole picture xD

Celebrate at night again, after my tuition lol~
Snap snap snap, camera clicking away~
Photos? blek! Shared the ones I could :P

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