Wednesday, February 20

bah. today aint that good.
nothing special did happen anyway.
just like being shot by booms from s. :D
dont really understand them.
who are they and who are we?
how can they compare.
come on. stop pretending.

gaah. stop the big fuss lah. making people all pissed off and stuff.

do anyone know this human?

Lydia Shum

Sigh ! Popular entertainer Lydia Shum died Tuesday(19/2/2008) morning after a long battle with cancer. She was 62.

Known for her chubby appearance and joviality, she earned the nickname "Fei-fei" (Fatty) and "Happy Fruit" early in a career that spanned nearly half a century.

Shum has long suffered from diabetes and hypertension and was diagnosed with liver tumor in September 2006.

How sad.

for the full article go here.

I knew about this when my mother told me at night.
She's more UPDATED than me. Lol.
And she warned my socalled very cute little bro not to eat so much :D

So, don't take so many sweets :D And exercise more !
For those lazy bums out there like me. Hmm.
Try walking up and down the stairs for an hour. :D
Maybe it will work.
Cos after holiday, and all the food I ate during CNY, made me fat ._.
But I lost 2kg by climbing up and down 3 level of stairs almost everyday :D
Great eh?

Got to work hard !
But I think I'm forever lazy :D
Sad case :)

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