Friday, February 15

dont know why blogging seems meaningless to me nowadays.
maybe cos...
im blogging about useless stuff -.-

chinese new year.
kinda boring this year.
i EVEN SLEPT on the 1st day of CNY ._.
with my cousin sis -.-

can you imagine how boring is it ?!

learnt how to play mahjong this year !
OF ALL THE DAYS watching mahjong show without knowing how they play.
stupid :D

a mahjong tower ._.

i made it myself one lor.
it was 2am in the morning you know ?
but those adults BULLDOZED it the next morning T.T
sad. xD

BLA ! sitting like a snake. sheesh !
playing mahjong :)
i wonder who took this photo ._.

mahjong is the ONLY THING that can kill time there.
gosh !

random ! :)

i forgot to bring my new shoes !

COS... I get to buy a new pair :)
/gg !

im sure the people here knows about edison chen stuff !
even my uncles aunties also know -.-
the photos are. omgsospeechless.

went shopping in SUNWAY CARNIVAL MALL.
that particular familiar logo :)

logo look familiar eh? :)
fetched by mr cousin bro :)
he belanja-ed us for movies :D

waiting for ze tickets !

ms. sin :D

ms. foo :D

cousins :D

lame :D escalator also want to take photo. zzz

almost all the shops were closed.
sigh !

watched CJ7 !
i likey that cute little green alien dog thingie :D
who can get one for me ? :D

SOSO CUTE !! especially when it showing off his kung fu style LOL

kinda touching only when the father(stephen chow) died.

on the way back .

aduh. see $$ become so yam :D

act dumb. zz

mind ur own business lah :D

this is weird :/

zzz. act cute =="

cheese yo!

found a koala in the car :O

fake smile :B

look alike? LOLOL. from MICH xD

ohkay. so to karaoke at night !
sing and happy birthday to 1st aunt and mr. bro ! :D

ohmygodsohigh lol.

singing SHE's Superstar zz.

the bday boy !

want a piece of me ? LOL

playing with the stick. =="

aduh. perasan-ing :D

took some photos of reflection again !
at the same place.
but without mr. sin wei jien !

then the last day.
say byebye.
stuck in traffic jam for like quite a ok time.
so dont know how or somehow camwhored in car.

this photo is weird to the top of the universe. LOL

one photo enough la LOL.
look alike? HAHAHAA.
that's all for CNY !

valentines day.
for those who celebrated them
happy valentines !
and for me, happy friendship day ! LOL

this week.
i woke up late at least thrice !
ohmg !
maybe im still in the CNY mood.

oh well.
must do well in everything in sch.
if not.
sigh !
maths really is killing me
i need help T.T

nothing more.
so better stop :)
ciao !

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