Monday, February 25


Lost in mind

Ever got the feeling that you're lost ?
Well, at least I ALWAYS do.
Lost in my own world.
Feeling that, everything would be just fine.
But in reality, it's NOT.
The thing will just continue to haunt you.
Friends who know me will think that I'm a happy person right? :D
Actually I am lor :P
All this emo thing sound weird.
But it's just a complicated feeling deep down beneath my red pumping heart :)
Must accept that fact that people DO change.
Good to bad, bad to good, we won't know.
Sometimes knowing a person too well ain't a good thing.
Maybe only I like to cheat myself, always try not believe that it is the truth.
Acting stupid.

Anyway, I think I have laughing disorder these days :P
Small things laugh like don't know what.
Release stress ness :)
I know PMR is just kacang putih. And it actually is. Lol.
But, ( there's ALWAYS a but ) T.T Chinese, ain't a easy subject to score.
My standard of Chinese DIDN'T improve since Standard 6.
Yes, beat that. Goodness, standard 6 only. :(
My BM, well, I use to join competition for circling A,B,C,D's during std 6.
But of cos lost Lol. And I used to like reading BM story books :O
Haha. Yes, I USED TO.
But, what happened to me now ? Lol
One big fat lazy ass. And everything going reversing back to Std 1. Sigh !
Ohya, not to mention PIANO T.T
Grade 8.
Having exam August I guess. Or maybe worse, JULY.
AND WORSE STILL, ABRSM changing their syllabus after this year.
Which means, HARDER.
IF I fail, I don't think I can pass next year.
Halleluyah. T.T

但,现实总是残酷的 (老土啦!:P )
还嫌不够烦乜? :)

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