Tuesday, February 19

sorry for the misblogging or whtevs shits.
this whole s. thing is getting s.
whats s.?
i also dont know.
just feeling like s. suit the whole feeling.
why are s. doing that?
if they have the right then they already did that when s. happened.
what for talking so much s. now.
it already happened. what for picking out ppl s. now.
you all rather spend time on s. than to improve ur s.?
oh please. you think that small little thing can pissed me off?
well maybe you did. but. so?
come lah. s. everything out.
kantoi s. again.

so call s. and s. as if you all are setting a good example.
most of you also dont even know how to s.
dont be perasanted that im talking about you or you.

you dare then come laa. i dont give a damn that my s. will kantoi you back. pfft.
doing those pissing ppl off stuff. come on. still children meh.

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