Friday, February 22

Life goes on

nice movie :)
watched it during a outting with friends
rate it 4/5.

Thinking of watching Kung Fu Dunk now :D
Just waiting for the time to come.
Any compliments about that movie ?

Yesterday was the last day of CNY :(
No more receiving angpaos. sad.

Nothing special today.
Just laughing and crapping shits at the back with friends.

It's bored reading those up there right.
So, just enjoy some photos that SOME tourists like to do :B

Better choose the time with no sun around.
Spot the shadow :D

I wonder where you find such big size condom :X

He really do feel good ;)

Wonder what the baby looks like :D

Ever feel that your boobs are too heavy?
He will do the honour to carry them for you :D

It sure is a HOT day :)

Waiting for someone ? ;P

A human ant carrying his food -.-

Wonder why his ass so white, go for tanning i guess :)

dont really get this photo.
but the girl do look happy :D

This is way high ._.

Ever wish to stand under there guys? =="

the photos are just for laughs ohkay? ._.

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