Monday, December 3

1st Day Of Japan!

Gaaa, finally get to post bout Japan.
Was half way sleeping then heard the phone rang.
Phone & Streamyx finally back to normal.
So, I think I shall blog for the 1st day in Japan?
Here goes :D

Lemme recall :b
Ohkays, waited @ KLIA.

Click to enlarge :D

In theee toilet -.- Bored mahh. :b

After the long long flight to Kyoto, We went visiting TEMPLES! Lol. That's what Kyoto famous for. There were about 2,000+ of temples in Kyoto. Gawd.

On the way up- ohmg, loveeee the souvenirs shop there.
DARN cuteeeeeeee !

FAMILY PICT ! templessss. *rolls eyes*

Look at those leaves, Aren't they wonderful? xD

Having my lunch, Japanese style :D

Large hor ? Any of you can wear it? xD

I loveeee this pict :D Look at those blueee skies xD

Spot my bro !
He's actually praying for the relationship stuff
& walking with his eyes close in a straight line to another stone.
Wonder who is he thinking about xD

Asakusa Temple ! Me with Mom's shades xD

Candid by dad :D I LOVE IT! HAHA.
I was posing for mom's camera & he took it. :b

I don't know why am I laughing like this -.-

With Mom in the Bullet train.

Mind cha own business xD

Dinner place :D
Western dinner for the day.

While waiting for fooooood } -


The shop that we ate dinner :D

Went to some souvenirs shop later for after dinner walk walk. xD
Not buy ohkays. Japan stuff really manyak cute ! & expensive also -.-

Snap a photo of my bro :D

Hi, Elmo. o.O

So I think here ends the First Day of Japan trip :D
Will post 2nd day tomorrow. :D
If ya too bored seeing those boring photos, TELL ME KAY ?
Then I won't waste my time posting them (:

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