Wednesday, December 5

Mount Fuji!

Starting to feel lazy updating all this photo stuff xD
I found out something, Lol (?) I'm totally updating LAST WEEK stuff !
& not feeling so well today, & I wasn't feeling well last Wednesday too ! -.-
What a coincidence eh? Haha. Anyway, Here goes what happen that day } -

Don't remember what happen morning, just know that I feel wanna vomit the whole morning. Sucks man ! No fun if getting ill during a holiday trip, in JAPAN especially !

Had lunch before going to Hakone Sightseeing Cruise(HSC). The lunch was kinda yummy, but then due to my stupid sickness, I don't really have appetite to eat. Was going to the toilet, wanna make myself vomit. But nothing came out. -.- So didn't really enjoy my lunch, sigh.

After that, walk to HSC. Took some photos, forcing myself to smile o.O

Don't know what's wrong with my bro lahh xD

The "Pirate ship" is at the back ! !

The Tian An Men (?)

Dad recorded the video on the ship! Lazy to upload la. The wind is damn freezing COLD I tell you! Ohmg ! The "hat" or whateva it is I'm wearing, almost flew away ! HAHAA. The gloves for me is almost useless, after that ride, my face, cheeks, legs, hands, ALMOST turn into ICE ! Imagine that ! :x Weather alr so darn cold, some more the wind so heavy !

But then, guess what, after that ride, I felt much much more better ! Maybe I just need to let the wind BLOOWW o.O Sadly, after that, need to take an hour ride up the Mount Fuji, I think something is wrong with that stupid bus ! Always making me feel wanna vomit.

So I just slept ALL the way up to Mount Fuji.

The weatherman said that the weather today is kinda cloudy, kinda hard to see the tip of Mount Fuji. Sigh~

But then, WE'RE LUCKY enough !
There are 9 stations in Mount Fuji, but we're only allowed to drive up to the 5th station, & we DID ! Saw snow there ! Ohmg, & we even get to see the tip of Mount Fuji !

So enough writing much laa, I know boring one laa. Lol.
Here's the photos !

The 5th Station !

Snowwwwwww !

Well, I present you, MOUNT FUJI ! She's beautiful !

Some rock writing something xD

You see her ? xD

After taking photos, we went back down to the foot of Mount Fuji. & stay in the resort or what, I don't know lar, small size Hotel I think.

Mr. Joji aka Our 1st Tour Guide, wanted everyone of us to wear the Yukata* during dinner.
Then, we wear lor. xD

*Yukata : Japanese style pyjamas -.-

Family in Yukata o.O serious kinda face.

Here's My Buffet dinner ! In hotel lar of course.

Well, well, well, Don't they look Shiny & Yummy & Delicious ? xD

Fatty Kar Mern xDD

After dinner, Took some group photos.

Kinda small hor ? Click to enlarge lor xD
&& Wanna know who are they? I know you don't lar.
But anyway, just gonna write their name. :D
Wanna know any leng lui/leng zai ( I think don't have de lar xD) in there, tell me! HAHAA.
I have their contact number you know :p

Both of the photo is almost the same.

Back row : (the 4 Gentleman xD) Mr. Yap, Mr. Yap, Mr. Ooi, Dad, Encik duno *sry* :x
2nd row: Mrs. Yap, Mrs. Yap, Mrs. Ooi, Shu Lyn, Kar Mern, Mom, Ms. Leng Lui, Lenglui's Mom, Lenglui's Aunt, Mrs. Cute xD, Ms Tan, Ms Chin, Adrian (2nd Tour Guide)
Front row: Cute girl!, Sha Lyn, Dolly girl, Bro, Eddy, Arfan, Arfan's bro, Kenzen.

The one lying in front! Mr. JOJI ! Our tour guide lur xD

Err, I don't remember some of their names. :x Those without names I'm sorry :x
But don't know WHY, I think I will always remember the Ms Chin & Ms Tan.
Those 2 ChinTan (fried egg) are always LATE ! Damn !
The Ms Chin! ohmg! You look like my primary school English teacher Ms..... ! aka Ms. BOMB ! Lol. *No offense* :p

So, went to enjoy the On-Sen in the hotel & had a nice nice sleep! :D

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