Tuesday, December 25


AGAIN, MERRY XMAS PEOPLE ! got any presents? :D

Went Pavilion today yo! Ohkays luhs. Can't really shop there, you know, I have no cash $$ T.T The deco there were nice ! Saw Mr. Santa yo ! Sadly, didn't take photos with him, he was leaving that time D; Later walk to Lot 10. Nothing much. Didn't even buy anything T.T Wanted to try J&Co Donuts, but the queue was.... Urghs. It is REALLY THAT nice ?

@ Pavilion yo! :)

Look at the crowd :O

Those Performers

Then then, guess where we went? :D Eye On Malaysia yo! Normal laa, & BORING ! -.- & know what? They ain't gonna take it away or destroy it or whatever on the 31st Dec. It's gonna be there till don't know when then shift to some other states. :O & It AIN'T closing at 10pm -.- Gonna function till 12am -.- Tipu org punya!

Bear with my short legss xD

With Mr. Bro

Not that bad for another photo? :D

Huggies with family yo! :)
Don't know why I likey this pict :D

Something's wrong with his mouth :O

Another take ! :D

Perasan-ted :)

Dark clouds ! :(

Round & round, then woooooshhh ! RAINED ! Just after we finished our ride :) So, it's destined for us to go home T.T

Then, RAINED! D;

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