Monday, December 24

Ole-Ole Bali!

Muahaha. I'm heading out peeps. Christmas eve dinner yo ! Blog when I'm back if can :D

?editttttt @ 11.46pm
Just finished watching Resident Evil III, I know the show is kinda outdated, no time for movies kay? Haha. So after watching, Dad lemme online till 12am yo! Happy weh. Lol. Went to Sunway for DINNER ! :) Went for TGI Friday, long queue, then headed Tony Roma, long queue also -.- Lazy to wait laa, then go Ole-ole Bali o.o

Eat ribeye thingie, aiyahh, western food laa, those chop chop thing. Habis then walk around luhs, gotta burn the calories maa :P Otherwise cannot fit into new year clothes :O

SO, here's the picts.

The menu yo! Ole-Ole Bali in Sunway. (NO, I'm not paid of advertising this restaurant -.-)

Faces in pairs like buddha LOLOL.

I'm the golden one. LOL -.-

A special concoction of Lime, Lemon Grass & Peppermint :) Mmm, I find it refreshing.

Peppermint leaves perking on the Mojitto :)

Nasi Campur Ole-Ole

Tasty, but a lil bit oily D;

My Ribeye steak yo! :D

Digging in :D :D

Me turning Carnivorous :O
Bite after bite, it's sumptuous ! HELPPP! I CAN'T STOP. Lol.

SO, I'm getting fatter & fatter, not to forget, CHUBBY ON THE CHEEKSSS T.T Sigh~ D;
Off to bed yo! :) Nites.

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