Monday, December 10


So, it's kinda lame of what I've ask yesterday. & Grats Totoro! You're right. Lol.

Take a close look now. Click for a larger image

Sooooo, The spelling for the word "Muatan" is WRONG! AHAA! Lol It spelled "MAUTAN", means, DEATH I think. It should be "Awas Muatan Panjang" & NOT "Awas MAUTAN Panjang" Lol. So? right ? How often can you see a lorry/ truck at the back painted the spelling wrongly? Wonder how they misplaced the "A" & "U"

Anyway, tomorrow's a public holiday cos the Sultan's birthday. Why my birthday no holiday one? Lol. 1st of April aka Aprilfool should have been a public holiday, so people can attend my birthday party. ROFLOL! Jk la, just wondering if Aprilfool's a holiday , maybe many more people will get fooled.

Eye On Malaysia
, nice nots? I don't know yet Haven't been there laa, I MUST GO TOMORROW! Lol. Just see see mah. Specially built for Visit Malaysia year wor, must go must go

Can't online for long. So, ciao!

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