Tuesday, December 4

Universal Studio Japan, USJ!

Ohkay, as what I updated during my trip in Japan.
The trip to Universal Studio, the weather was kinda windy today.
& mostly having my jacket on.

After breakfast buffet in hotel, we walked to Universal Studio Japan aka USJ :D
'Cause our hotel is near to USJ -.-
Watched shows, sat rides, took photos.

Click to enlarge also :D

This is the BIG globe in the entrance of Universal Studio.

I was hopping in to take this photo xD

What is that ? LOL Candid by dad again -.-

Before & after the lightings.

Spidey ? && the ride for this Spiderman RAWKS I tell you (:

Back to the future car xD

&& the Hollywood Dream ride was FUN too !
The tour guide said it's scary & the heart can POP out lahh.
wtf? After taking that ride I almost laugh my heart out lah xD
My cheeks almost froze! HAH. The wind was strong & cold you know.

So after playing almost all the rides, it was almost dark, & it's only 4pm there !
Then, those dollies (?) or what you call it la, came out.
Took some photos with them.

I don't watch Sesame Street. Or I forgot lah.
Who is this? o.O

Yah, I know him, the famous ELMO.

& this is ?

Legs kinda tired & pain alr.
There's a Peterpan Show @ 7.
Japanese really are good rules obeyer.
sigh~ Feel kinda shameful xDDDDDD

See ! 7pm alr so dark -.-

Kinda hard to watch the show.
Anyway, the fireworks was awesome !

Took some night scene of the USJ before walking back to hotel for dinner.

The night in USJ :D

Walk walk walk.
Took photos.

Hard Rock Cafe :D

Universal City Walk Osaka.

After that dinner time, forgot what I ate. Haha.
I think maybe buffet also?
SO here's the end of the day again :D

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