Friday, April 10

Calligraphy AGAIN!?!!?

Everything is just different from the way it should be ..

Yea -.- Went Sunway Uni-Col. this time.
As usual, didn't have the chance to win.
Next year, I dont care liao la!! I wanna go take Calligraphy class -.-
Taking the cert ONLY is so pointless :( Join liao of cos must make the best of it ma. Haiz.

Okay, damn busy ..
Moral and Bio powerpoint slides? D:
Add Maths and Maths D:
8 Tugasan Harian D:
Why form 4 so lifeless one D:
Form 5 lagi no need say lor D:



hehee so hw is ur caligraphy thingy?? =p

eLmo said...

i didn't do the form 4 tugasan harian.. i delayed them until form 5 then finish all plus form 5 still got another set of tugasan harian.. lol

Xjion89 said...

jia you le!!!
u can do it~`~
been tru and done tat(^^)it is a life process?!

eLmo said...

eh i wrong liao..
actually got 8 sets.. but you can do 4 sets in form 4 then another 4 in form 5 de ma

CE CI LIA said...

Upper secondary is lifeless, HAHA. Anw, relink me yea. xD