Wednesday, April 15

Short Update for Pusat Sains Negara School Trip!

I'll get them in my hands one day .. ONE DAY .. :(

Heh, still haven't get all the photos YET.
Share share a bit first ..
It was fun! In a way :)
Fully update about it .. next time ;x

Yengggggg hor? :P

Well that's all? LOLOLOL

Okay maybe one last one :)

Sad :( LOL
NOT MY heart.. ==" blue black liao lolz
Heart Beat (LeeHom's song) lmao

Wait for more! Heh! *smirks*

Till then.. Bye!

-evilmern :)

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Cyndi6293 said...

hi thr.. mind to relink?? sry for the inconvinience...