Tuesday, April 28


I really feel so these days.
Today don't know why damn tired.
Tried very hard to recall what happened.

Woke up late, I forgot to on my alarm ==
Random grey hair in my fringe ._.
Forgot to bring Eng Lit stuff, I stared blankly at the timetable ..

I'm just getting old.
Or, I just don't wanna remember stuff ..
Or, I selectively remember stuff that happened.
Ah! Crap.

The only thing I remember what I did in school was, laughing whole day ..
and talking, walking, breathing (if that counts ==) ..
Or maybe learnt something new.
Maybe when days goes by, I'll forget who I am.

I just feel so tired.
Double the tiredness compare to form 3 which I faced 3 big events in my life.
1st event is not a good thing for me, no need to mention.
2nd was my Grade 8 practical.
3rd was PMR.
Come to think of it, I really thought I couldn't handle it that time.
Reading back my post last year, I think I was happier ==
I had outings, birthday outings, food outings, movie outings ..
Compared to this year, no urge to go out ==
Either no time or, I just wanna stay at home
Ohmytian, not good ==

Anw, Form 4 nothing much what rite?
Diploma thing confirm postpone to next year.
Nothing big to prepare except for SPM == yeah nothing big ==
I should, ignore all stress stuff. :)

Okay okay, back to normal mode now..
Lai, this year end go learn "undang" together~
Then next year take driving license~

Exam starting in freeeeaaaakkking 15 days !!!!!
X_X !!!
Whatcha think!? Study like there's no tomorrow or what
Mid-Year leh. Don't wanna fail lor ...

Anyway, I'll still prepare to fail my History AS USUAL :)
*yawn* Nights :)

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