Wednesday, April 1

Aprilfools! :D

Wah, March just ended like that. Damn fast right? Sigh ..
Officially 16 today. I don't know whether I should be happy or what, soon I'll be 20 D: lolz.

Ever wonder what's the feeling being born on the 1st of April -.-
Whenever you tell people that today is your birthday people wouldn't trust you lolz, and they'll ask, Aprilfool isit? lolz.

Kinda slept early yesterday night and also forgot that people will SMS to wish me ;x
Woke up today morning, saw 6 msges! :D The first was Josh Tan lorr.
Then others were Evelyn, Syamim, Diyana, Hui Teng, CKS, Teacher Daphne, Cousin Bro, Ah Lim, Aunty, Yi-Wen, Phyllis, Mansimran, Manvir, David, Jia Yu, Hou Yin, classmates, TTH and many many more! (names arent in order)

Mom came in and wished me ! :) :) Prepared super yummy food for recess in school :)
Dad wished me in the car, really randomly.. Then gave him the cheesy smile look XD XD

Vivian even gave her first time to meeeeeee! LOLOLOL So touched xDD
Thanks for the birthday post!
Suddenly see my big head in ur blog -.- Xia dao wo !! hahaha.

Kinda burn my elbow in school today -.- cacat dao
Stupid bunsen burner!! :( :( :(

Nothing special after that ...
Except for Blake's Aprilfool's joke lululz.

Went back home, saw more msges :D
Then, primary friend, Jesslyn called me!
So long no meet her jor, so good of her to call me xD
Chatted for almost 40 mins about those days in primary school.
What we did la, about all random stuff lah hahaha.
When dad came back, he $!%$#!@# me LOL
Cos I talk on phone while eating -.- Suan liao suan liao.
Miss those days in primary school, time really flies!!
In a blink of an eye! All of us are 16 already D:
Suddenly got the feeling that I don't wanna grow up -.- Weird.
I want to grow up and stay at where I am at the same time -.- RAWR!

Dont dare to check mail today =.=
Been VERY CAREFUL of what sites I'm surfing -.-
What conficker worm?

And, Leslie Cheung died on Aprilfool's also -.-
Suan liao -.-

Oh god!! Almost forgot about the Add Maths presentation thing!
Ciao! :x


Xjion89 said...

Waaa, happy Sweet 16~~~

TanSinYee said...

happy belated birthday!