Sunday, March 29

Sweet 16th ?

Group photo! :D :D :D

Hellllooooooow! Woah, last week was a busy week! :D :D :D
But busy de lai, very happyyyyy~ Hehehe :D :D

Informal one zzz. Evil people at the back !! Rawr!

Celebrated my 16th birthday on Saturday, in conjunction of Earth Hour!
Was very worried that it'll be boring on that day, but I guess everyone enjoyed themselves as I got some good feedback from you guys :)
This is the busiest party I ever had =="
And I have this conflict feeling inside, but whatever lah :D

She-Reen and Breena was the earliest, then everyone started to reached one by one.
The house is getting noisier ..

Started to eat, chicken wings, pork!! sweet corn, MARSHMALLOWS!!
Wah, I tell you lah, everyone seems to be crazy over the marshmallows -.-
And finished them in a blink of an eye! Fuyoh! Geng dao.
Some added butter and honey -.- and BBQ-ed it. And ate them .. in a very weird way -.-

Chicken Wings :9

Brother very famous liao -.-

Xiang Min ; Hui Teng


Random blur motion photo o.o

Angeline ; Birthday Girl xD ; Cousin ; Josh ; Blake

I dont know what am I doing there -.- Marshmallow I think -.-

Earth Hour, offed lights, on-ed lights.
Walked around the neighbourhood, was touched that a few of them actually off their lights.
Not much people here participated this Earth Hour thing. Oh well ..

Foood and people.

Random gang lolz.

Random gang also lolz

Not really ready yet -.-

Formal one~ Boys group

RAWR !! Evil people!! Look at that cute boy down there :D



With Family~ :D

16 liao~


Took group photos, sang birthday song, ate birthday cake.
Played cards, shouted around, played piano *tth skills damn geng* LOL.

The presents~~~ Card from HuiTeng
Unwrapped presents LOL
Overall I loved every presents that you guys gave.
Card from Hui Teng :D :D :D
Small cupboard from Hui Teng, Tee, Tan, Loo.
Pendrive from Kritz, LYS, TTH. *evil smirks*
Very yeng punya necklace from chou Vivian :P :P :P
And many many more!

Slacked around till 12.30am
Then friends went back one by one.
The house is back to silence, WITH PLATES LINING UP FOR ME TO WASH D; D; D;
Damn sad kan? Lol.

Didn't really take A LOT OF photos D:
Busy running around taking stuff only D:

Well, I guess that's all for my "sweet" sixteen party ._.
Legs kinda sore the next morning -.- Rawr!




eLmo said...

waah, i can see your house is very nice de.. guang kan wai mian dou zhi dao! :D

Himura Hazezy said...

Happy belated birthday, Karmern! =)

bLaKeY said...

aww. ur welcome!

Joshsin said...

hey mern. Look what M3, Hooi z brought u for yr present! :D