Sunday, March 1

Sunset ..

watching sunset together, sweet trees.

Took this a long time while going back home some random day. I love the feeling of the photo, can you guys feel it? Haha. Even trees are romantic xD No wonder there's always people around the hill. But, don't they feel irritated whenever mosquitoes bite? ==

new member at home.
Okay, lying == it's mother's friend's dog.
But I miss my dog.
His gone for 2 years ..
Where are you? Still healthy?
I don't know. Sigh.

Tomorrow need to stay back leh.
Who can drive here? :(
Drive me home please? lols.

This is just a random post to keep my blog alive.
It's FIRST OF MARCH ALREADY ...... (!!!)

Stay tuned for Japan photos ;x s

EDIT} Will you throw something which belongs to your friend?
Which is all her hard work? If she never ask it back from you, then you just keep it quietly and never even think of asking her whether she still wants it or not .. instead of asking her, YOU THREW THEM AWAY?! pfft.

I still cannot believe what she said.
Since those notes belong to me why didnt you return it to me but throw them away?!
The speech that I wrote can be considered as an essay already.
And you told me you threw them?! So you want me REWRITE the whole thing lah!
Evil. You took EVERYTHING, ALL the notes HOME, for THROWING?!
I can't think of any reason for you to throw them lah okay.
I know I shouldn't think of a friend like that but,
The only reason I can think of is, YOU purposely throwing them OR
You didn't throw them, but LIED to me.
Don't tell me cos your sisters played with them or your mother accidentally threw them.
C'mon lah, I'm not a 3-year-old child. You didn't even explain for WHAT REASON you throw them. And mostly, you didn't even apologize for throwing all my stuff.
Okay, maybe I'm making a big fuss out of this..
Then you guys tell me, any good reason that you can think of, for her to throw my stuff away.
Pfft. I don't give a damn no more. P.O.S.

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