Sunday, March 8

Flooded with homeworks ==

Wooookay, I have nothing to say for the choral speaking thing.
We did our best, 4 days of practice and the outcome was .. okay (?)
Others were just way better lolol.

A thing that we would like and wouldn't like to remember in a way :)

Went Jogoya on Thursday, totally don't wanna care about the Chinese exam next day lol.
Food is more tempting, since there got soooo many foooood!
Haagen Daaz is !

Chinese exam the next day totally failed.
Well, at least fail the essay part ==
I don't even know how to write !! :(
I hate those new essay format :(

Now, struggling in History notes.
And Physics too. I srsly need a Physics tutor. :(
Why people invent or discovered such horrible subjects ?!!

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