Thursday, March 26

Exam Results :O

See the switch at the top right hand side? :D
I've added the widget for the Earth Hour thingy! :D

Hey, maybe should bring candles on that day too ;x

Okay got back results. Surprisingly, Physics got the highest mark among 3 science subjects. I cannot believe that. Non-surprisingly, Bio I really got 0 for the whole question -.- Fine. At least I didn't fail -.- Maybe I shouldn't get use getting 60+ and above starting from now. Not good -.- Chemistry, I hope tuition teacher wouldn't ask about the marks ._.

Nothing much happening in life. Friends kept asking what I want as present LOL they have no idea cos they think I have everything in my house -.- Wei, I'm not that rich lah okay :( Anything will do actually, sincerity ... is more important ._. Never mind :D Just hope you guys will enjoy ._.


Himura Hazezy said...

Hi, karmern! I did switch off the lights to support Earth Hour. Now, where's ur shoutbox?

Cyndi6293 said...

Hey karmern. No shoutbox?? Very mafan la.. haha..
Anyway, bday's tmr rite? enjoy urself!
Happy bday in advanced, i don think i can on tmr =)

Happy sweet 16th!! ^^